ARCHAEOLOGY COLLOQUIUM – Amber VanDerwarker (UCSB) – Friday 5/16 4pm

Dr. Amber VanDerwarker (UCSB) will be giving a talk on Friday, May 16th at 4:00pm in SSRB 343 (South American Archaeology lab). This will be an excellent talk about recent research being done in the Midwest – a much needed North American archaeology-based talk (see title and abstract below).

Farming, Gathering, and Fishing in Times of War: The effects of chronic and pervasive intergroup violence on daily foodways in the Mississippian-period Central Illinois River Valley.

Amber M. VanDerwarker, Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

This presentation explores the impacts of chronic warfare on the everyday lives of people living in the 13th-century Central Illinois River Valley. Archaeological data linking escalating violence with both settlement nucleation and declining health in the Central Illinois River Valley from A.D. 1200 to 1425 reveal that the causal dimensions of warfare were not restricted to political centralization and collapse but reshaped other, more mundane aspects of life. Theoretically, most studies of ancient warfare focus on the causes of violence, and if consequences are addressed, they are often considered in terms of their impacts on political development or collapse. More rarely are the effects of violence on everyday lives investigated, which is the main objective of this research. To this end, the talk examines macrobotanical and vertebrate assemblages from four sites that date consecutively (two that pre-date and two that post-date the escalation of regional violence). It is argued that the intensification of violence in this region had significant ramifications for agricultural and foraging strategies in a manner that would have reduced the amount of time villagers spent away from the protected limits of their palisaded villages.


Summer Session Courses

Are you missing a course for your Anthropology major?

Plan now to take an Anthro course during Summer session 2014. Session I  is June 30 – August 2. Session II is August 4 – September 6. Course descriptions can be found in the general catalog. For summer session scheduling information, visit the summer session web site at

Amy Rothschild wins two prestigious awards

Congratulations to Amy Rothschild, who has won two prestigious awards- The Dan David Prize for Studies on History and Memory from Tel Aviv University  and The 2014 Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for her dissertation, “Victims versus Veterans: Human Rights, Nationalism, and Memory in Post-Conflict East Timor.”  The Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship is one of the most competitive dissertation fellowship competitions in the country, selecting only the top 4% of applicants to become Fellows. This year, there were almost 600 applicants, from which 22 Fellows were chosen.

Way to go, Amy!!!

MerBear 2014 Call for Abstracts

We are pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the UCLA-UCSD Grad Student Workshop on Culture and Mind, to be held at UC San Diego on April 19, 2014.

This is the third version of this meeting, which will bring together faculty and graduate students interested in the intersections of culture and mind. 

The format will be a workshop with short presentations on current research and open discussion.

The abstract should be between 250-300 words. Please include a set of 5 keywords.

Submission Deadline is Friday, March 21, 2014.

Register here


the link for online registration is:

Anthro student wins Microsoft YouthSpark Challenge Award

Please join us in congratulating  ANAR 111 undergraduate student Sneha Jayaprakash who is featured on the front page of ‘This Week @ San Diego’ .  Sneha is also working for the Anthro dept. in the Levantine – Cyber-archaeology Lab and Qualcomm Institute Scientific Visualization group led by Tom DeFanti on the ArchaeoSTOR database program.

Sneha won a $10K 2013 Microsoft YouthSpark Challenge Award for Change for developing a mobile app to engage students with volunteerism and social issues.


Study Abroad in Spain this summer for your Anth Major!

Attention Undergrads:

 ANAR 158GS and ANAR 159GS that will be offered this summer session 1 in Toledo, Spain.

These two courses will be taught by our very own Prof. Goldstein through the Global Seminars Program over the course of five weeks.

This course can count towards the Archaeology concentration, or as your electives for Biological Anth and Sociocultura Anth.  Additionally, this course has already been pre-approved for the Check out more information on the course at:

For those of you worried about the cost, find more information about fees and financial aid here:

Grad students win 2014-15 Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship

Sarah Baitzel has won a 2014-15 Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship for her project, “Giving Life, Taking Life: Mortuary Rituals and Social Identities at the Tiwanaku colony Omo M10, Moquegua, Peru.”   Congratulations, Sarah!

Alicia Boswell has won a 2014-15 Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship for her project, “Coca, Chaupiyunga, Chimor and Inca: Prestige Resource Management in Late Andean Empires.”  Congratulations, Alicia!