Former student honored as, “Champion of Change” by White House

Former UCSD Anthropology dept. undergraduate, Dr. Eric Kansa, was honored by the White House on June 20th; the White House was set to ‘honor 13 leaders and organizations promoting and using open scientific data and publications to accelerate progress and improve our world.’

Eric Kansa is an archaeologist and a computer geek, with a passion for making knowledge of the human experience and shared cultural heritage available for everyone to explore and debate. Frustrated with the pervasive lack of access to quality research data in the humanities and social sciences, Dr. Kansa spearheaded the development of Open Context (, an open access publishing venue for data in archaeology and related fields. Dr. Kansa is an active and vocal member of a growing community in the US and abroad dedicated to better ethics and practices in sharing and preserving knowledge of the past.

Eric participated in the UCSD undergraduate archaeology field school in Israel (Shiqmim)  in 1993 and after graduating, went on to Harvard for his PhD in Anthropology(Archaeology). At that time Eric became a staff member of Professor Tom Levy’s for a new project at Nahal Tillah, also in Israel (1994-1996). Eric used the data from the Nahal Tillah project for his PhD at Harvard.  Congratulations to Dr. Eric Kansa!

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