Grad students to present at the AAA annual conference

The panel organized by graduate students Brendan Thorton and William Dawley, “Religion and masculinity: cultural transformations and gendered realities,” has been accepted for the American Anthropological Association’s annual conference in San Francisco.

Drs. Stanley Brandes and Deborah Gewertz (accompanied by Dr. Frederick Errington) will be acting as discussants.

Panelists Yale professor Dr. Marcia Inhorn will be presenting on The New Arab Man. Tulane’s Wade Glenn and St. John Abbey’s Thomas Raverty will be presenting on the Venezuelan worship of Maria Lionza and the masculinity of monks, respectively. Brendan and William will be presenting on evangelical masculinity in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. They will present at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, November 14 at the Hilton San Francisco, Union Square 21.